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Surgical Services  

What does it mean to have the surgeons of Veterinary Surgical Specialists as part of your pet’s medical team? In a word, confidence.  Our commitment to expert treatment, progressive techniques, and compassionate care make us one of the most highly skilled and knowledgeable board-certified surgical teams in southern California.

As board-certified veterinary surgical specialists, we are very similar to our counterparts in human medicine. After graduation from an accredited veterinary medical school, we invested 3 to 4 additional years of intensive and focused training including internship, residency, conducting and publishing investigational research, and a very rigorous, multi-day examination process, called “boards.” Upon passing and completing each of these steps, we are considered board-certified. However, we didn’t stop there. We perform complex and highly technical surgeries every day, keep up with all the latest veterinary surgical advances (and set a few ourselves), and are leaders in our field.

This advanced training and continuous learning means we bring a wealth of experience to your pet’s case. If you’ve been referred to VSS, it’s because your family veterinarian is confident your pet will receive the very best of care. You can be too.

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