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Reconstructive Surgery

In the veterinary world we don’t put animals through unnecessary procedures, so ‘plastic surgery’ is probably not something that you might associate with your pet. But there are many instances where reconstructive or ‘plastic’ surgery can have a significant positive impact on your pet’s quality of life.

In veterinary medicine, reconstructive procedures are not ‘beautifying’ procedures. Instead, reconstructive surgery is used to correct such painful and irritating conditions; to help with wound closures when not enough skin is available due to trauma, infection, or tumor removal; or to open up the nostrils in so-called ‘squishy faced’ breeds to allow for easier breathing.

At VSS, we have a special interest in these quality of life procedures, and our experience and exacting standards mean your pet will be getting the best care possible.

Some of the reconstructive surgeries performed at VSS include:

  • Oral and Facial Procedures
  • Airway/Respiratory Management
  • Wound/Skin Grafting
  • Deviated septum
  • Nasal alar fold
  • Cheiloplasty