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Therapeutic Services

Surgery may be just the first step on your pet’s road to recovery or perhaps a non-surgical, therapeutic option may be the best solution. At VSS, we know that the right therapy is the key to better outcomes, increased quality of life, or recovery to a full range of motion.

Therapeutic Services include a variety of treatments with the goal of: decreasing pain, inflammation, and the need for medication, as well as restoring function more quickly to the affected area. They can also help with balance, coordination, and weight loss. Intra-articular therapies can help reduce inflammation and joint destruction as well as providing pain relief and increased mobility for osteoarthritis sufferers. Pain management can include skin patches that allow a slow constant release of pain medication, oral pain relievers for home care, or local anesthetic blocks.

Whether your energetic young Flyball athlete needs intra-articular therapy for osteoarthritis, or your older Maine Coon needs a pain management protocol after a splenectomy, the VSS surgical team will walk you through the options available, and tailor a program to the needs of you and your pet.

Some of the therapeutic services available at VSS include:    

  • PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Pain Management