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A Truly Collaborative Approach  

The best relationships successfully serve the interests of both partners. Therefore our goal is to support you, your practice, and your patients in a manner that works well for you and VSS. For our part, we will:

  • Provide you with a comprehensive written report to aid in the continuity of care for each patient
  • Offer complimentary radiographic and case consultations to referring veterinarians
  • Utilize the latest technology and most progressive techniques to expedite recovery times and bring about optimum results
  • Deliver practical continuing education programs you can use in your daily practice
  • Respond to you and your clients in a timely, professional manner
  • Send your client back to you for follow-up care

The Referring Veterinarian Role

  • Please fill out a referral form for each patient and email or fax it to 949.653.0062, or complete and submit our online referral form below.
  • Send over all pertinent medical information including diagnostic tests performed
  • Provide each client a VSS brochure upon referral to introduce our partnership

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering memorable client experiences - by a simple, efficient process that is compassionate, educational, and comforting. If there is anything we can do to enhance your experience working with us, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Active participation in case management, surgery, and aftercare are welcome and personal visits to our facility are encouraged. We hope you find us a valuable resource when you have challenging surgical cases. 

Patient Referral Form

Provide each client a VSS brochure upon referral to introduce our partnership. If you need more, please let us know by calling 949.936.0055.

pdf.gifDownload Referral Form

  or fill out the Referral Form Online

Radiograph Referral Form

If you have radiographs you would like to include with your referral, please complete the form below:

 pdf.gif  Fillable Radiograph Referral PDF  

 Follow the appropriate distribution option below:

  1. Complete, then "Save As" a PDF and Email to info@vssoc.com and attach your radiographs to the Email
  2. Complete, then "Save As" a PDF and Email to info@vssoc.com but send your radiographs  to our server > (best for multiple or large films) VSS PACS routing information you will need: 
    AE Title: RAPIDSTORE97035  Host name: rapidstore.vssoc.com   Port: 104                 
  3. Complete, then "Save As" a PDF, print out a copy to be delivered in person or mailed to VSSOC along with the radiographs