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Veterinary Surgical Specialists of Orange County (VSSOC) is one of Southern California’s most experienced, technically superior, and largest teams of board-certified veterinary surgeons. We work as partners with primary care veterinarians throughout the region and provide their patients — your pets — with advanced surgical expertise.

Our relentless commitment to excellence makes us one of the most trusted surgery resources in the region. With exceptional training and the highest credentials, we are the place to turn to when you want the very best care for your pet. Plus, we work alongside specialists in internal medicine as well as a team of veterinary professionals ready to help pets who need urgent care. It’s a combination that allows us to provide optimal care for all our patients.

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“Thank you so much for taking care of Ledger. It’s been 6 months since his palette surgery to close a hole and as you can see he’s doing great! It has been a long road since he was electrocuted at 7 months old. He’s now got a permanent grin on one side that’s adorable and just adds to his charm. His tongue is much shorter and has a lot less teeth but none of that has stopped him. Of course, he doesnt get close to cords anymore! Learned his lesson and I did too! He truely is my little wonder dog! Thank you so much for taking great care of him.”

~ Diana Wolf