VSS COVID-19 Protocols

VSS COVID-19 Protocols

Safety & Operating Procedures 

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, we have implemented protocols that allow us to see patients and ensure the safety and health of our staff and clients. To that end, we feel our methods and curbside procedures have successfully provided efficient patient care.

In response to the CDC and the State of California easing restrictions as of June 15, we are modifying some of our protocols. However, we will continue to operate via curbside services to keep our teams and clients safe as there is still a risk of infection in the community.

Doing everything we can to keep the virus out of our facility will ensure we can care for patients.


As of June 15, 2021, Veterinary Surgical Specialists (VSS) will operate with the following guidelines:

  • Upon arrival, clients are to call 949-936-0055 and check in with our client representative who will provide information about the patient care process.
  • We still require our clients to wear a mask (even for vaccinated clients) when bringing their pets to one of our technicians at the welcome tent or when entering the building. We greatly appreciate these efforts to keep our team healthy. It is the only way we are able to safely provide advanced surgical/emergency care for your pets. 
  • Generally, only authorized veterinary staff members are allowed in our clinic – with the exception of euthanasia appointments where two masked family members will be permitted to enter under the direction of a staff member.
  • We ask that all paperwork be completed before arrival for all appointments using our online forms as well as all necessary email communications.
  • Clients should wait in their car until the exam or treatment is completed. A team member will then call you to discuss the findings, treatment plan, and/or other important information from our veterinarians.
  • We are requesting that clients do not transport pets if they are ill and limit the number of people who attend appointments.

Lastly, we ask for your continued kindness and patience. As essential workers, our veterinary staff has gone above and beyond during the pandemic to provide outstanding care to all pet patients. It has been especially challenging with an enormous increase in cases, limited staff, and the need for new forms of communication while often providing lifesaving care.

We understand that these evolving protocols can be confusing for pet parents. However, we have found that these modifications are efficient and will help us maintain our high standards of care. The frequency of communication will vary depending on the number of patients under our care, but we will also strive to share timely information and updates.

Cleaning Protocols

Our hospital is routinely disinfected with anti-viral cleaners, and per CDC recommendations, we have increased the cleaning frequency and protocols to include all surfaces that people regularly contact. As we know, hand washing hygiene is a necessary activity that we require for all staff and encourage for clients. We provide options for hand cleaning and sanitizers for clients and associates, and we proactively support any team member that may not be feeling well to stay home. In addition, there is a port-a-potty and handwashing station available at the rear of the building.

For additional questions or concerns, please contact us directly by phone at 949-936-0055 or by email for clarification and further information.

Thank you again for your flexibility during this time of transition.