Check In Process


Over the last few years, we have developed receiving protocols which have allowed us to maximize our abilities to deliver timely care to our patients. We have learned much in dealing with our space limitations in our exam and waiting areas in the face of extraordinary demand. We ask your understanding with our departure from some of the traditions of the past as we outline here what your visit will look like.

  • Clients are asked to call 949-936-0055 and notify our client care representative as soon as they have arrived and are parked in a parking spot. This will initiate the appointment and we will communicate with you to determine where you are most comfortable waiting. Please note, we are unable to provide service to clients whose vehicles are in “no parking” zones.
  • Please let our client care representatives know upon arrival of any personal accommodations you may need so that we can best assist you. Please prepare to keep yourself and your pet comfortable while you wait.
  • We ask that all paperwork be completed prior to arrival for all appointments using our online forms and ask that all necessary email communications are completed. Please fill out information online prior to your appointment if you have not done so already. Client Info/ Patient History Form
  • Upon the start of the exam or treatment, we will advise whether the wait time would be more appropriate for you to stay close by or if there is time for an errand.
  • We are requesting that clients do not transport pets if they themselves are ill and that they limit the number of people that attend appointments.

We know your time is valuable and we are doing all we can to avoid having you wait weeks for an appointment or hours to see a doctor.  Appointments may be delayed unexpectedly while we are handling the needs of patients in critical situations. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we do our best to help everyone in need of our services, and we sincerely apologize for any delays you may experience.

Please do not allow your pet to urinate on sidewalks, business entryways, or bushes surrounding the buildings. There is a grassy area closest to Edinger Avenue with a pet waste station.

Veterinary Surgical Specialists