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Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Preparing Your Pet For Surgery

In cooperation with our affiliated Advanced Veterinary Specialty Group practices, we are pleased to be able to offer a variety of advanced diagnostic imaging services through Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging.

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MRI & CT Scan

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What is Diagnostic Imaging?

Get a Clear Image of Your Pet’s Health

Diagnostic imaging describes a variety of non-invasive methods of looking inside the body of your cat or dog to help determine the causes of an injury or an illness and to confirm a diagnosis. It can also be used to ascertain how well an animal is responding to treatment.

Types of Veterinary Diagnostics

A Wealth of Options to Help Your Pet

  • Bone Scintigraphy
  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Digital X-ray
  • Endoscopy
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Ultrasonography

Imaging should only be performed by trained and experienced clinicians. Learn more about our team’s credentials, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

Our Animal Imaging Process

How Diagnostic Imaging Works

Each imaging modality is best suited for certain types of diagnoses. For example, an MRI is ideal to examine soft tissue, such as ligament or tendon injuries, spinal cord injuries, or even brain tumors. A CT scan is better suited for bone injuries, thoracic and respiratory imaging, and detecting many cancers. Knowing which technology to use for a particular condition is the key to making an accurate diagnosis. We will work with your pet’s primary care veterinarian to determine the best diagnostic course of action.

Schedule a Diagnostic Imaging

To schedule diagnostic imaging for your pet, please contact us. If you have already scheduled an appointment, please complete the New Client Form before arrival and review our updated check in protocols.

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