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Veterinary Soft Tissue Surgery

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Surgical Services for Cats and Dogs

Veterinary soft tissue surgery is very common and generally involves any part of an animal’s body that isn’t orthopedic in nature. Both congenital and acquired conditions are routinely treated.

What is Soft Tissue Surgery?

Healthy Body, Happy Pet

Ranging from liver biopsies to C-sections, tumor excisions, and foreign body removal — soft tissue surgeries occur almost anywhere on a cat or dog’s body. This also includes internal organs, muscles, and skin and often overlap with other surgical specialties.

Types of Soft Tissue Surgery

A Wealth of Options to Help Your Pet

  • Cardiovascular / Thoracic

    ○ Chylothorax

    ○ Portosystemic Shunt

  • Abdominal Exploratory
  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome
  • Feline Megacolon
  • Salivary Mucocele
  • Surgery of the Ear

    ○ Ear Canal Ablation

    ○ Lateral Ear Canal Resection

    ○ Respiratory Polyps

  • Laparoscopy
  • Thoracoscopy

An experienced board-certified veterinary surgeon should perform advanced soft tissue surgery. Learn more about our surgical team’s credentials and commitment to your pet’s health.

Our Pet Surgery Process

Why Choose Us for Soft Tissue Surgery

Whether your pet requires a spleen removal or a trauma surgery, is dealing with age-related issues, or in need of emergency care, the proven surgeons at Veterinary Surgical Specialists have the experience, skills, and depth of knowledge your pet needs for the best shot at a full recovery. We choose the most appropriate, least invasive soft tissue surgical procedure available for your pet’s condition, so their recovery can be as swift and pain-free as possible.

Each pet family receives a personalized plan for their pet’s procedure, pain management, recovery, rehabilitation, medications, and follow up care. Providing the best possible quality of life is always our goal.

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