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Veterinary Neurological Surgery

Surgical Services for Cats and Dogs

A pet’s nervous system, the brain, spinal cord, vertebrae, and nerves can experience illness, injury, and deterioration, just like in humans. Many neurological conditions can often be healed or managed through veterinary neurologic surgery.

Learn more below about the types of neurological surgeries we perform and what occurs during your pet’s procedure.

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What is Neurologic Surgery?

Treating Your Pet’s Spine and Nerves

Veterinary neurological surgery is any procedure performed on an animal’s nervous system. It can help treat diseases and conditions for dogs and cats affecting these areas such as epilepsy, spinal tumors, intervertebral disc herniation, traumatic spinal injuries, Wobbler’s Syndrome, and encephalitis.

Types of Neurologic Surgery

A Wealth of Options to Help Your Pet

  • Atlantoaxial Instability
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Skull Fracture Repair
  • Spinal Fractures

Any surgery involving an animal’s brain, spine, or nervous system is considered an advanced procedure and should be performed by an experienced board-certified veterinary surgeon. Learn more about our team’s credentials in handling neurological surgeries in animals.

Our Pet Surgery Process

What Happens During Neurologic Surgery

At Veterinary Surgical Specialists (VSS), we know that neurologic problems can be challenging and frightening for pet owners. The VSS team will work closely with your primary care veterinarian to ascertain whether or not surgical intervention is the right choice.

We routinely use advanced diagnostic and surgical tools like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) — and our location within the Advanced Veterinary Specialty Group building makes it easy for us to consult with other board-certified veterinary specialists if needed on the best plan of action. Our extensive experience in neurosurgical intervention can give you the confidence that your pet is in expert hands.

Each pet family receives a personalized plan for their pet’s procedure, pain management, recovery, rehabilitation, medications, and follow up care. Providing the best possible quality of life is always our goal.

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